Actress. Singer Songwriter. Theatre Maker. 


I'm a creative in many ways.

My first love was singing. When I was in elementary school, I was always creating a new pop band and writing songs on the daily. 

Then, I caught the acting bug. It was in middle school. I got cast in a show called Echoes from the Titanic. From that point on through my mid twenties, I'm pretty sure there wasn't a moment that I wasn't working on a play in some capacity. 

Throughout my twenties, I've performed with a variety of companies in Boston, San Franciscio, New York, and even internationally. 


I am very excited and nervous about creating my first ever indie folk musical called "Enough." 

This summer, there was a workshop performance at The Tank in NYC & is continuing its development this fall. 

Other things I love:

Yoga, Meditation, Camping, Van Leweun Ice Cream, Recess