What is RECESS?

RECESS is a space for millenials to play. 

As kids, we always had creative time built into our days. We dressed up, we played pretend, we drew pictures, we made stuff with silly putty. We connected to our creativity on a daily basis. 

At some point we stopped playing.

We grew up. We got jobs.

For some of us, maybe we've forgotten what it's like to be creative all togehter. For others, maybe we're trying to make our livelihood as artists. All of us still need recess, just like we did when we we're kids. 

What happens at RECESS? 

Every RECESS gathering is facilitated by an artist & a meditation instructor. We know that you're adults and that you might possibly want more than just open space to pretend that you're a pirate. So, we've created an awesome series of workshops that help you to connect to your creativity in an effective and rewarding way. Here's what a RECESS workshop might look like: 

You Arrive 

We give you time to meet eachother & get settled in.

You Ground

For us, self care is the basis for a creative practice, so always we begin with a guided meditation.

You Connect

We believe that genuine connection can unlock creativity. We have structured time to discover your ideal relationship to your creativity.

You Create

We give you open time to create & make stuff. This is what it's all about. 

You Take Your Creativity With You

Your creativity doesn't stop here. we give you tools to bring play into your every day life.