Melissa Kaitlyn Carter

Fancy seeing you here! Let’s get to know eachother.


Things I love:

Coffee. Seriously… have a very particular love for coffee.

Brooklyn. Cliché? Maybe. But I’m okay with being a cliché if it means I love where I live and what I do here.


Sea salt chocolate.

Things I do:



I’m a vocalist and am currently studying music production and composition at the Feirstien School of Cinemna here in NYC. I’ve had the priveldge of collaborating across disciplines from performing in folk musicals to playing with a number of bands. My current collaborative projects are ALMA & The Long Run.


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I teach Restorative Yoga, Gentle Flow, and Vinyasa Flow throughout Brooklyn. You can find me at Loom Yoga, Dou Yoga, and Yogis & Yoginis.

I also offer private restorative yoga for creatives and those seeking to reconnect with their creativity.


Sneak Peak

Alright, so I feel like what I do is better shared than explained. Here’s a behind the scenes peak at what I’ve been up to in the past few months:

  1. A new tune:

2. A home-made take away show / demo:

3. A rooftop music video:


Guess What?!

aka some news..

my band ALMA has been selected as a NYFA / NYSCA Artist Fellow.

We’re thrilled and humbled for this support. Learn more about us at: